Kalida Baseball Association

Kalida Baseball Association

Frequently Asked Questions2021-07-09T01:52:06-04:00
How do I donate to this project?2021-07-09T01:26:19-04:00
Is my donation tax deductible?2021-07-09T01:26:46-04:00


Does the school own the ballpark?2021-07-09T01:26:57-04:00

Kalida Local Schools entered into a long-term lease agreement with Diocese of Toledo in 2020, as an addendum to the arrangement already in place for St. Michael’s gymnasium. KLS will maintain and operate the Holy Name Ballpark in partnership with the Holy Name organization.

Is the school paying for the project?2021-07-09T01:27:24-04:00

The KLS Board of Education has agreed to contribute $400,000.00 at this time toward phase one; the new playing surface. This phase of construction is scheduled to begin in July of 2021.

Phase two the of the project includes improving the grandstands, concrete parking lot, site and streetscape enhancement. Funding for this phase of the project will be achieved through the capital campaign. Construction for phase two will begin when the funding is in place.

When will it be done?2021-07-09T01:30:09-04:00

Phase one is scheduled to be complete by Oct 15th 2021, and will be ready for game use in the spring of 2022.

The timing of phase two will be determined by the pace of fund raising.

Can the little league use it?2021-07-09T01:28:00-04:00

The field will be set up to allow for little league and pony league games as a special occasion.

Can we host tournaments?2021-07-09T01:28:36-04:00
  • Yes absolutely. This will be a state of the art facility.
Who is conducting the work?2021-07-09T01:28:58-04:00

Maumee Bay Turf Center will be installing the new playing surface for phase one. Phase two will be conducted entirely by local contractors, vendors and suppliers.

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Want to see the phase plans?



Major renovations to the playing surface will be completed, with the following features added/upgrades:

  • The existing playing surface, both the infield and outfield, will be excavated and entirely removed.

  • The outfield will be a new natural grass playing surface. It will be professionally installed with an irrigation system and proper drainage.

  • The infield will be synthetic turf with a rubber infill and base. This comes with a 12-year warranty and is projected to last 15-20 years.

  • There is a smooth, safe transition from the turf infield to the outfield grass.

  • The playing surface is projected to be complete and ready for the spring 2022 baseball season.



Major renovations to the grandstands will be completed, with the following features added/upgrades:

  • The existing metal roof, siding, wood bleacher seats and wood walls will be removed. The existing columns, rafters and components that create the historic form will remain.

  • Once the outer surface is removed, the entire structural core will be examined, secured and preserved.

  • The concession space will increase by 3 feet. New walls forming the concession stand will be built along with all new finishes. A new sink, countertops and storage along with a new refrigerator will be installed.

  • An aluminum bleacher system will be custom fabricated and installed in place of the aging, rotting wood seating. The risers and seats will be dark green to maintain the historic appearance.

  • A new burgundy standing seam metal roof will be installed along

  • New nylon netting to protect fans and keep birds and other rodents out.

  • New architectural white siding and brick exterior façade.

  • New brick back stop.

  • Updated restrooms.

  • New observation deck behind home plate.


PHASE 2 (continued)

Major renovations to the site itself will be completed, with the following features added/upgrades:

  • New concrete parking lot.

  • Concrete fan zone with new flag poles.

  • New landscaping.

  • Place making Wildcat Statue and walk paths with outdoor exhibits telling the history of the Holy Name Ballpark.

  • Historic street lights to match the rest of the village.

  • New turf bullpen.


“It’s marvelous to think a small community like Kalida could build a park like this.”

– Hank Gowdy
Former Major League Player, Manager, and Scout

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